29 Sep

We invite our SPW Community to bring their pet to school for the Blessing of the Pets Service.

Our pets are a presence in our homes and in our hearts; companions in times of joy and comfort in times of pain. They are so much a part of our lives that we would not be the same without them. Please join us for the Blessing of the Pets Service.

Event Details

Date: Thursday 26 October (Term 4, Week 2)
Time: 8:40am
Location: Braested Oval
Who: ELC to Year 7 students. Families are invited to attend.

Please bring along your family pets. Children who are unable to bring pets are welcome to bring photos of their pets or a stuffed toy to the Service.
Children are to meet teachers in classrooms and will come together as a class to Braested Oval. Parents with pets are to gather directly on Braested Oval.

Service: The Service will follow a simple format of prayers, readings and songs giving thanks for animals, and at the conclusion of the Service clergy will move around blessing pets individually.

Pet Safety: All pets need to be suitably restrained or contained for the occasion. Pets also need to head home after the ceremony and not remain at school.

Wet Weather: If it rains, the Service will take place in the Chapel with pictures of pets instead of live animals. This decision will be made the day before and relayed to the school community via Skoolbag.

We look forward to this wonderful occasion at SPW.