Did you realise the Annual Appeal is an important part of the St Peter’s Woodlands Foundation philanthropic program as it provides an opportunity for our school and wider community to support and shape the future for our children?

We recognise the valuable contributions of all parents towards supporting the life of the school community. The Foundation Annual Appeal is one of many opportunities for parents to support the development of SPW, ensuring we deliver exceptional learning environments for our children.

We’d like to offer you an opportunity to contribute to the SPW Foundation for 2017. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated and make an impact in the life of your child.


Nature Play - full image1. Nature Play Spaces
Creating learning environments where our children can learn and grow $50,000
Did you know healthy childhood development occurs in natural learning spaces?
In 2016 we commenced the fundraising appeal for the Nature Play spaces. So far we have raised $17,000. Can you help us reach our target of $50,000? Our goal is to complete the Nature Play spaces that connect children to nature by the end of the year.

In Nature Play spaces our children can explore and engage with sensory garden areas, sheltering trees and stepping stones. In this safe environment, imaginations will roam freely and creativity will be unleashed. They will learn to play, collaborate, problem solve and take measured risks which is integral to childhood development. The children will use sticks and logs to create cubby houses, meander along planted boardwalks, pump water by hand, sit in a giant nest and so much more.

Our children have been involved in the ideation of the Nature Play area which will include, adventure play, landscaping, amphitheatre and an update of current paving.
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McKenzie Oval - full image2. McKenzie Oval Shelter and Shade
Beautifying our Outdoor spaces $50,000
Can you help us achieve our vision of creating leafy green shaded areas within our grounds. Commencing with tree planting along the north edge of the McKenzie Oval, the project will be completed with seating areas for use by our children and the school community for sporting and other events.
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Chapel - full image3. St Margaret’s Chapel Conservation
Enhancement of our Heritage listed Chapel $60,000
With your help we can carry out the much needed conservation of the Chapel. Replacing the Chapel facia due to corrosion has become a priority. This project will ensure the longevity of this wonderful building where our children, parents and community share and enjoy many celebrations throughout the year.
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Scholarship - full image4. Scholarship Fund
Giving the gift of access to education
Our goal at SPW is to increase the capital in the Scholarship fund which will enable us to create several more opportunities for students to have access to an education at our school. Your support of scholarships will be life changing for these students and their families.
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Learning Support - full image5. Learning Support Fund
Differentiating our curriculum to support all children
At SPW we acknowledge all children learn at different rates. Making a donation to the Learning Support Fund will enable us to increase the available resources to support all children.
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