25 Jun

Students share their musical talents in a brilliant and interactive performance.

On Wednesday the 23 June we held our first Mid-Year Showcase in Baddams Hall. For the first time we turned the hall into a concert venue with raked seating and a stage. It was great to have a packed audience sharing the musical talents of our students.

The evening was a celebration of our co-curricular music program featuring instrumental groups and choirs.

“It was the best night of my life”. – Phoebe, Year 2

The joy and energy radiated off the students and the staff.


The evening commenced with Katy Perry’s new song “Electric” which has a great message to live your life to the fullest.

SPW Band followed with a fantastic rendition of ‘The Eye of the Tiger’ and ‘High Hopes’. This mixed ensemble of instruments from violin to guitar was also supported by the talents of the instrumental tutors and SPW staff.SPW band

The evening was ‘rocked’ by the Rock Band who covered the Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’ in an enthusiastic performance.

SPW Rock bandNext we had two guitar ensembles one on electric and the other acoustic. It was great to see and hear the contrast.SPW electric guitar ensemble

SPW acoustic guitarsThe Reed ensemble showed us their progress on challenging instruments to learn – clarinet and saxophone. They played the classic Flinstones theme tune and Three Blue Mice. The strings followed with their huge line up of violin players entertaining us with a wonderful performance.SPW woodwind strings

The second half featured our choirs starting with Junior Glee. Their first song was in two parts singing ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ with fun actions and a memorable tune. ‘Fight Song’ featured awesome student choreography and loud, confident singing.

They finished with a medley of songs that all fit the same chord progression from ‘Blue Moon’ to ‘Heart and Soul’. They also sang it in a round and then we had the whole audience join in for ‘Always Look On the Bright Side of Life’.SPW junior glee singing

Chapel Choir gave us the energetic ‘Chariot is Comin’ and introduced a new song called ‘This is the Day’. Finally Show Choir almost blew the roof off with a medley of Queen songs and entertained us with ‘Sing’. The finale of the night was a beautiful rendition of ‘Cover Me In Sunshine’ with all of the students singing together.

SPW finale showcase

It was great to see so many students being risk takers and leading the music making. The learning experience of putting on a such an outstanding concert is invaluable for students.

“Thank you to everyone involved for a beautiful evening of music. The standards were very high, and the energy and enthusiasm was amazing! (And so many violins!!) Thanks for continuing to inspire our kids and community with music.” – Emily, Parent

Thank you to the Arts team, staff and parents for your hard work and support.

SPW Arts team

Thank you to Mark DeLaine, Head of the Arts, for sharing this story.