Extraordinary Futures Strategic Plan 2020 and Beyond

At St Peter’s Woodlands we are relentless in seeking the remarkable in every student from two to twelve years old.

Our commitment to providing an inclusive and nurturing environment creates a rare and inspirational experience for young people to learn and grow.

The St Peter’s Woodlands Extraordinary Futures Strategic Plan 2020 and Beyond strengthens our commitment to providing an extraordinary early learning and primary school experience, where children are supported on their own learning journey through the delivery of a progressive curriculum. We believe every child is valued and has the opportunity to belong, with endless opportunities to explore.

The focus of the plan is to ensure we continue to foster and promote a positive learning culture, high quality inclusive education opportunities, a place where the very best teachers want to work, an innovative use of technology, positive communication and a safe, nurturing and connected community.

The SPW School Council, together with the Executive Leadership team, would like to thank those in our community who took part in the creation of this plan throughout 2020. Together we have identified many exciting initiatives to embed into the life of our school.

We commend the new Extraordinary Futures Strategic Plan 2020 and Beyond to our current and prospective families and look forward to your support as we embrace the challenge of creating an extraordinary future in a dynamic and constantly evolving educational environment.