27 Aug

Our School Captains proudly entered St Peter’s College last week to attend the Anglican Schools student leadership workshop day.

Pictured are: Reesey T., Sebi T., Sid H., Archie N., Lulu P., Jesse N., Will H., Aleksander L., Isla M. and Mollie T.

SPW Anglican Student Leadership Workshop


The purpose of the day was to challenge our student leaders with student leaders from other schools about their leadership legacy and qualities.

The theme for the day was “Reconciliation”. Uncle John Lochowiak started the day with a traditional smoking ceremony to welcome all schools and students. He also shared a story of reconciliation to help us understand the importance of unity.

SPW smoking ceremony

“We were fortunate enough to hear the perspective of Reconciliation from Uncle John, an Aboriginal leader, through some of the stories he told.” – Archie and Isla

Our students throughout the day practised leadership skills whilst partaking in small group activities mixed with leaders from other schools. Questions were posed in large groups where all leaders analysed, discussed, provided solutions and showed a willingness to share their thinking with the large group.

SPW Anglican Leadership Workshop1

The students were encouraged to make the most of the day by listening, being courageous to speak out and share their thinking and ideas.  They reflected on how they can be leaders in Reconciliation at St Peter’s Woodlands.

Reconciliation Action Plan

As groups the students looked at the St Peter’s Woodlands Reconciliation Action Plan and other school plans. They confidently shared our actions and planned actions and listened to what other schools had done. This led to our leaders discussing new ideas for our Reconciliation Action plan to move forward as a school.

Chapel Service and Cultural Values

SPW Anglican Leadership Workshop The day finished with a Chapel service where Reesey and Mollie represented our school, sharing some ideas to further develop our Reconciliation Action Plan.

“Sharing of ideas across the day was an important part of developing as a leader and we were able to hear new ideas for our Reconciliation Action Plan.”  – Reesey

Through visuals of famous artists representing bible stories, students learned how Christianity and Aboriginal culture have many similarities such as; listening to each other, moving to different communities to learn from each other, being able to forgive, standing up for beliefs, taking action and loving our neighbours as we love ourselves, all great attributes of leaders.

Demonstrating School Values

SPW Anglican Leadership WorkshopOur students proudly represented St Peter’s Woodlands as they collaborated with other students. They demonstrated great leadership skills and lived our school values as they showed wonder through questions they asked throughout the day, courage for speaking out and sharing their ideas and respect when listening to others and considering perspectives.

“It was interesting to listen to other people’s perspectives on some challenging issues.”  – Sebi and Mollie

“I have come away with a deeper understanding of the Aboriginal culture.” – Sid

Thank you to Lisa Harris, IB PYP Coordinator, for sharing this story.