02 Nov

What a week!

Curious Creatures, Wild Minds
This year’s Book Week theme, Curious Creatures, Wild Minds, made for plenty of excitement as students and staff connected with the best of Australian literature. We had been reading the shortlisted books for the weeks prior and were all keen to know which books would be the winners.

The move to celebrating Book Week in Term 4 did nothing to quell the anticipation of the event with children hardly able to contain their excitement that it was coming!

Activities, competitions and lots of imagination
The library transformed into a realm of imagination with curious footprints leading to creative activities such as puppet making, storytelling, DIY puppet play performances and more.

Children loved the story cave and many enjoyed entering the different Book Week competitions. We even went wild with making our own curious creatures.

Book Week Parade
The week ended with our traditional Book Week parade where students and staff had gone all out to have fun with their costumes.

There were plenty of smiles and cheers as the students paraded past the other classes before filing into the Chapel to hear the winners of the shortlisted books. The students voting preferences were compared to the national judges and great cheers were heard when the SPW choices were announced.


It was a great Book Week and we cannot wait for next year’s event with the 2021 theme – Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds.

Article by Annette Mesecke, Information Specialist