14 May

Students Shine in Vocal Cabaret 2021

Our Annual Vocal Cabaret was held last term in Week 11. Baddams Hall was transformed into a cabaret with twinkling lights and café tables for the event. The Show Choir raised the roof with their singing and over 40 students performed solos and group songs. The evening was a great success with over 300 audience members across 2 performances enjoying the talents of our SPW singers.

SPW Annual Cabaret 2021

SPW Annual Vocal Cabaret 2021

Choral Performance

The Choir showed their development singing a jazz version of the Carpenters song ‘Sing’, a choral standard ‘River Running’ and the Sara Barelis hit ‘Brave’. ‘Brave’ was a great way to end the evening and echoed Principal Helen Finlay’s closing remarks about witnessing the bravery of the students going on stage to perform. We were treated to a range of music from contemporary pop hits to musical theatre. The students also put a lot of work into their outfits.

choir cabaret performance

choir performance SPW cabaret

SPW Annual Vocal Cabaret 2021 audience

Benefits of Singing

Singing plays an important part in the arts opportunities at St Peter’s Woodlands. The benefits of singing are numerous. Singing helps improve mental alertness by delivering more oxygenated blood to the brain, it can reduce stress, it can improve lung capacity, improve connection and working as a team to name a few. Singing and learning songs is literacy in action as students learn, off by heart, a text to perform.SPW Annual CabaretThe joy, energy and professionalism the students brought to the stage was fantastic. It was also great to be producing a live performance with an audience in the hall. We are indeed very lucky.

Thank you to Mark DeLaine, Head of Arts, for sharing this story.