17 Sep

An exciting week of sleepovers, campsites, outdoor activities and lots of tents!

The year level camps have been design to provide children with opportunities and challenges that they don’t always experience in the Primary school setting. The camps are structured to build on the experiences and skills of the previous years’ camps.

Week 8 saw the Years 2 to 5 venture out on their camp experiences that I am sure will provide many fond memories in which to reflect on in the future.

Year 2 commenced their camping experience with a sleepover in Baddams Hall in individual teepees.

SPW Yr 2 sleepoverGraduating from here the Years 3 to 5 students adventure outdoors on a three day, two night camp in a combination of dorm and tent sleeping; staying at Woodhouse, Piccadilly, Douglas Scrub, McLaren Vale and Roonke, Blanchetown respectively.

Students’ Reflections
A number of students reflected on their camp experiences. Below are the camp stories told from the student’s perspective.  Enjoy reading the comments from students from each year level involved.

Year 3 Camp

SPW camp year 3When we got to Woodhouse camp on Wednesday afternoon we ate our lunch and after that the camp instructors explained how to put up a two person tent. Group A and B put up tents and group C and D helped. Then the two groups C and D walked to the dorms and had dinner.

The next day we got split up into groups and we did a rotation of activities. The activities were Billy Carts, Orienteering, Camouflage games, Shelter building and Boomerang making. Then groups A and B went to the dorms and group C and D went to the tents.

The next morning we packed up our stuff then ate breakfast. After breakfast we went to the entrance of Challenge Hill. We were split up into different groups and did the obstacle courses. During the whole camp altogether we saw two koalas, four kangaroos and lots of different birds.

When we got back to school we had a sausage sizzle. They were delicious! In conclusion it was the best three days of our lives.

The End.

By Mila and Pera, 3LG


Year 4 Camp

SPW campfire year 4

For camp we learnt a bunch of new activities like roasting marshmallows, rock climbing and bouldering.
It was exciting to sleep in the tents and dorms. It was FANTASTIC! – Flynn – 4WF

SPW camp Year 4 rockclimbing

I loved camp because I got to hang out with my friends. It was really fun going rock climbing. The food was really yummy. I had a really fun time, I would give it 11/10. – Lucy J – 4WF

SPW Year 4 campsite

It was AMAZING! We got to sleep in tents outside. I got to spend time with my friends in other classes and get to know people better. I ate more veggies and returned home a vegetarian. – Safin – 4WF

I loved camp because everyone was sharing all of the equipment. The teachers were amazing with giving us sleep even though everyone was talking.
I thought the rock climbing was the best. Everyone was so happy when they hit the buzzer. The food was good too. – Jaimee – 4WF

Year 5 Camp

SPW Year5 camp accomodation

For Year 5 camp we went to a lovely place, as we drove past the gate in our bus I saw a sign that said ‘Roonka Water Activities Centre 400m’. We all sighed because at last after 2 and a half hours we were there. There were two destinations, one we called Base camp and another an hour away from base camp called Naugt Naugt.

If you were at base camp the first night you would do activities like raft making, water ecology, fishing, waterslide, and a game of sardines (hide and seek) after dinner and flying fox. At base camp you were served dinner, breakfast and the next day’s lunch. After lunch you would swap your destination.

SPW camp Naugt Naugt

At Naugt Naugt the activities were the Naugt Naugt tour, canoeing and a night walk. We had to cook our own dinner on a trangia. Some people’s things got burned and some took a long time to clean.

SPW camp cooking

When I went canoeing one of the canoes tipped over into the river. The night walk was definitely a highlight of my camp experience, the stars were absolutely beautiful and we saw the Milky Way, Mars and Venus. My favourite activity was the canoeing we played ‘Simon says’ and I almost fell in the water.

SPW camp canoeingMy camp experience and I’m sure others were, really fun, exciting and we learnt a lot.

By Claire Davi, 5CG

Thank you to Simon Theel, Deputy Principal, and the students for sharing this story.