01 Apr

All Mums, Grandmas, Nannas, Omas and Aunties are special and deserve to be recognised.

At St Peter’s Woodlands we celebrate our Mums and special friends with the wonderful tradition of an annual PFA Mother’s Day Stall.

Each year just prior to Mother’s Day, the Parents and Friends Association organises a stall with a range of fabulous gifts. The children love the opportunity to choose a lovely gift for their Mum or special person. It is a very exciting time for the children who ponder and take great delight in selecting the perfect gift and writing a personal card to give to their Mum or special person for Mother’s Day.

How It Works
All gifts are $10 and MUST to be purchased via Qkr! to eliminate the need for cash to be brought to school.

This year, the children from ELC to Year 7, will have the opportunity to select their gifts during the 2nd week of Term 2 (3-7 May).

Children in the ELC and Reception to Year 2 will be accompanied by their teachers to the Stall where parent volunteers help them with their selection.

The opening times will be advised closer to the Stall Week.

If you would like to help during this fun week, and are a registered SPW volunteer, please follow the instructions in the upcoming SkoolBag notice and email [email protected]

For more information about the PFA please contact the team via email.