26 Mar

It has been exciting to see the new dedicated Digital Technologies lessons begin for Reception and Year 1 students in Coding Central.

During the Digital Technologies lessons students have been learning about Hardware and Software, Data, Algorithms and Online Safety, as prescribed in the Australian National Curriculum.  Lessons have also focused on teaching the students about well-being, balance and when it’s good to have a break from screens.

Bee-Bots Coming to Life

During lessons, students have become well acquainted with Bee-Bots which has seen students writing algorithms with simple code to get the Bee-Bots moving around the classroom. It’s been challenging for students to learn how to control the Bee-bots. They need to give clear instructions to get them moving in the directions they want. The children use a Bee-Bot app on the iPads to help with their problem solving.

Students have also been working hard to collect data in different ways and represent the information gathered electronically, with many students posting their first independent Seesaw post.

Digital Technologies throughout the Primary School

Students in Year 2 – Year 7 have also been taking part in Digital technology lessons in class with many exciting things happening across the school.

Year 2 students have begun to use Scratch Jr. for coding and middle primary classes have been working through coding courses using code.org.

In their lessons, students in Year 6 have begun building some robotics.

Thank You for Generous Donations

As part of our developments in Digital Technology we have been extremely fortunate to be supported by a SPW family, Adriana and Brenton O’Brien, who own and run the company Microbric. Microbric’s products open up the world of computer science, coding, engineering and STEM to students and teachers.

Adriana and Brenton have donated a large number of Edison robots which are powerful, engaging tools for teaching our students STEM, computational thinking and computer programming in a hands on way.

They have also donated several Whybrick kits; these are educational construction sets that help bring physical science concepts to life, allowing students to make tangible sense of topics which can otherwise feel abstract.

In addition to donating many resources, the O’Brien’s also donated their time to run training workshops for our Yr 3-7 teachers, demonstrating the amazing learning the students can experience.

St Peter’s Woodlands would like to say a huge thank you to Adriana and Brenton for their commitment to and support of our student and teachers.

Coding Central has certainly been a hive of excitement in Term 1 and we are excited to see what the rest of the year brings with more classes accessing the resources available and a new coding club starting soon.

We look forward to sharing more about what we are up to throughout the year.

Thank you to Michelle Lewis, Digital Technologies Teacher, for sharing this story.