12 Jun

During the first semester of PE, our Reception to Year 2 students focus on fundamental movement skills.

These include running, jumping, hopping, skipping, galloping and balancing. The students practise these skills during game-based activities, relays and one-on-one explicit instruction.

Skills such as skipping require the left and right hemispheres of the brain to work together. By practising skills that require children to cross their midline, it also helps develop their learning in areas such as reading.

Vestibular System

Balancing is also a wonderful way to improve classroom-based learning. This requires the child to work their vestibular system, which is integral to focus, concentration and improving posture.

This all contributes to the child being able to sit and listen to the teacher when required. Many of the exercises in our Term 3 Gymnastics unit focus on the vestibular system too.

Object Control Skills

During Term 2, we enjoy introducing object control skills such as catching, throwing, bouncing, shooting and kicking into PE lessons.

The students improve quickly, and enjoy using a variety of balls to test themselves, and help improve their hand-eye coordination.

When catching, children are reminded to have their hands up “like a net”, watch the ball into their hands and trap the ball in front of them (rather than on the chest).

When throwing, we encourage “chicken wing arms” and stepping as they throw. It’s also helpful if they check their partner is watching before they throw the ball!

Team Work 

Aside from physical and technical skills, our PE lessons also include opportunities for children to work together in small teams. This is a wonderful way to build an understanding of teamwork and selflessness.

Throughout our lessons, we enjoy watching the confidence of the children increase as they experience success.

Overcoming challenges is important, and the children demonstrate tremendous pride when they do so.

Thank you to Fleur Kennedy, PE Teacher, for sharing this story.