23 Nov

Over the last couple of weeks we have been blessed to have the sun come out and shine during our much anticipated school sports events.

The days have been met with enthusiasm, team work and great sportsmanship by our students. Unfortunately with the events of the “Circuit Breaker” lockdown last week, the Primary School Sports Day needed to be cancelled.

ELC Get Active Day
The ELC children enjoyed a morning of physical activity out on Braested Oval for the ELC Get Active Morning.

The day is about encouraging gross motor skills, with activities such as hurdles, running through hoops, using the parachute, running races and lots of moving about.

The educators even had fun with a staff chicken relay which, of course, was meet with lots of laughter and screams of delight.

The children spent Term 4 practising the day’s activities in the lead up to the event. With the support and guidance from our Year 7 leaders on the day, who were perhaps more exhausted than the ELC children once it was finished, the children successfully completed all the activities.

Well done to all the children, they did a wonderful job giving everything a go. We are looking forward to inviting our parent community to enjoy this event with us in 2021.

Reception to Year 2 Sports Day
As Mrs Kennedy and Miss Guy put the 132nd cone down to complete the Sports Day set up and checked the weather for the 56th time that week, a rainbow appeared in the sky and they knew the St Peter’s Woodlands Junior Primary Sports Day was going to be a huge success!

A sea of colour filled our ovals on Friday of Week 5 as the students from Reception to Year 2 joined in a series of events to develop teamwork, resilience, persistence, and continue to build fundamental movement skills.

The day started with the greatly anticipated Whole School Relay. It was great to see the whole school lining the track to cheer on their houses and classmates. We were extremely lucky to have even more support with the St Peter’s Woodlands community able to attend the event.

It was a great race with each runner giving their all for the team, our Reception runners started with great enthusiasm and the Year 7 runners closed the gaps as they sprinted to the finish line. The Flinders cheer squad erupted as they crossed the line to take 1st place.

As the junior primary classes moved off to their first events, eagerly awaiting them were our Year 6 and 7 helpers, who guided them through each activity.

There were students jumping in sacks, passing batons, bouncing tennis balls, running, jumping, throwing, weaving and, very importantly, resting and eating. The wonderful junior primary staff did an amazing job at keeping our lovely students organised and motivated.

To finish the day the Year 7 students led a health hustle, moving to the beat of Rick Astley, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, giving junior primary students an education in 80s music.

Overall, a successful day with great weather and happy students, teachers and parents.

Article by Paul Mesecke, ELC Centre Educator and Hannah Guy, PE Teacher.