21 Jul

At the end of Term 2 the ELC opened its doors to families, giving parents and caregivers the opportunity to explore the classrooms and see what the children have been up to over the course of the semester.

This was particularly exciting as COVID-19 restrictions have limited classroom access to visitors.

ELC Learning Journey
It was lovely to witness the children show such delight and pride in showing their families around their learning environment. Pointing out their work on display, introducing friends or simply doing an activity with their loved ones demonstrated how settled the children are in their learning space.

The Learning Journey always prompts the educators to reflect on the growth and development of the students. This semester the children have enjoyed a great balance of play based learning and curriculum programs.

Nurturing Curiosity Through Play
We believe each child is naturally curious and capable of leading their own learning. Our educators encourage and support each child to wonder and explore their interests by asking questions, inquiring and sharing their discoveries with others.

For example, a mini SPW school was set up in the dramatic play area after educators observed the children’s interest in ‘teacher’ role playing.

In another class a child brought in some handpicked oranges from their garden. Together the class learnt about how juice is made by freshly squeezing the oranges. It is activities such as these, where natural curiosity and the opportunity to play enriches these learning experiences.

Inquiry Learning
The children engage in inquiry based learning, which sees them explore concepts such as change, causation, connection, perspective and responsibility. Our varied and enormous outdoor play space allows these moments of inquiry to unfold, where play is still very much at the centre of their learning.

Children enjoyed playing in the autumn leaves as part of their inquiry into seasonal changes. Jumping in the puddles and digging in the sandpit, the children experimented and connected with different sensations and mediums….plus had heaps of fun making a big splash!

It’s these smaller moments of learning where the magic really lives, where children’s natural love of learning shines through. This learning is then bolstered by our curriculum programs such as the Let’s Decode, Heggerty and Move to Connect Programs.

We are so proud of all our ELC children, watching them develop and grow is always so rewarding and they really have made leaps and bounds over this semester.

Article shared by Bree Phelan, ELC Director.