27 Aug

SEDA College students visited our school to help our ELC children focus on basic fundamental movement skills and assist Years R-2 children with developing their skills and understanding around specific sports.

For the past four Friday’s during Term 3, our ELC Four Year Old children and our Year 2 students have had the opportunity to learn and play with visiting students from SEDA College. The SEDA College Year 11 and 12 students embraced the opportunity to plan, lead and refine these learning opportunities with our St Peter’s Woodlands students. We are fortunate to have a connection with SEDA College Netball co-ordinator and teacher, former PE staff member, Hannah Guy.

SPW SEDA Visit ELC_3The SEDA College students planned and facilitated activities for our ELC children focusing on many of the basic fundamental movements skills they will continue to develop as they head into our Junior Primary years. From crawling to throwing, and hopping to dodging, the Four Year Old’s have thoroughly enjoyed their time each Friday.

“I loved throwing the bean bags! That was so much fun!” – Eli


SPW SEDA visits


“My favourite thing was the stepping stone things.” – Harrison


SPW SEDA visits

“It was wonderful to see the pure joy on the children’s faces when participating in these experiences. The SEDA college students did a great job of planning age-appropriate and fun yet challenging activities for the children. They were great at getting down to the children’s level and modifying the activities for particular students.” – Miss Bianca C.

SPW SEDA visit Year2Our Year 2 classes developed their skills and understanding around the sports of Teeball and Netball. This started with some of the basic fundamental movement skills of throwing, catching, striking, running and dodging. The students participated in lots of games that helped them develop these skills, while also learning more about the rules and movements associated with these sports.

All of the children and teachers involved loved this opportunity and we were pleased that the SEDA College students said it was the highlight of their week coming in to our school to work with our students. We can’t thank them enough for their time- it was brilliant!

Thank you for Fleur Kennedy, PE Teacher, for sharing this story.