13 Dec

Two exciting new events were added to the school calendar this year to celebrate and farewell our graduating students, and to acknowledge and honour our award winners.

Graduation Dinner

SPW Graduation Dinner 2021

As graduation is an important milestone in every students’ life, we asked two of our graduating students to recount the night of the Graduation Dinner in their own words.

We remember running past the adults onto the Nutter Thomas lawns, lit by fairy lights which made the scene seem magical, excited to see where we were sitting.

The night hit off with a bang with our well practiced and choreographed dance.

After the dance we got ready to eat dinner. Some people had steak and some people had chicken schnitzel. Both meals were smothered in gravy and delicious.

After dinner it was time for classes to get their memories of SPW read out and presented with their graduation boxes.

Then, when we thought it was time to go home, all of the kids started racing to the chapel, while all the parents stayed at the tables, talking to friends. In the Chapel, the teachers started blaring music and we danced and danced and danced and danced like no one was watching. It was a great way to have fun with our friends and almost all of us agree it was the best part of the night by far.

Then, when it was over, we all reluctantly went home, wishing we could do it all again, missing SPW and everyone in it already.

– Lexi and Hayley, 6MR

Awards Night

Held at the Michael Murray Centre at Westminster School, we were able to host over 400 family members to share in acknowledging and rewarding students’ efforts during the year.

SPW Awards Night 2021

The evening began with a processional of the Year 6-7 cohort, the final Year 7 graduates from St Peter’s Woodlands and the first Year 6 graduates. 25 awards were presented, acknowledging the achievements of Year 3-7 students in a variety of academic and co-curricular areas.

The 2021 student leaders were thanked for their service to the school, and the new 2022 student leaders were announced and introduced to the school community. The evening ended with a performance from the Year 6-7 students of the Graduation Song, this year written by Sebi T., “Primary Colours”.

Congratulations to the following students for their achievements.

All-Rounder Awards
School Council Prize for the Year 7 All-Rounder: Sebastian T.
School Council Prize for the Year 6 All-Rounder: Mollie T.

Leadership Award
Sylow-Bungey Prize for Leadership: Jesse N. and Sebastian T.

Academic Awards
Musgrave Academic Excellence Award: Tarrant S.
Peter Cudmore Academic Excellence Awards: Caden T., Ella H., Noah O.
St Peter’s Woodlands Old Scholars Academic Endeavour Award: Jesse N.
Dohnt Shield Academic Endeavour Award: Reese T., Amelia C., Alexis L.

Service Awards
TS Bowen Memorial Service Award: Reilly M.
Heather Bates Service Award: Isla M., Nicholas M., Oliver D.

Arts Awards
Miriam Cheney Arts Award: Noah O.
Dorothy Keene Arts Award: Isla M.

Sports Awards
Outstanding Athlete Award: Iluka T.
Sports Boy and Girl of the Year Award: Elsie P. and Peter A.
Margaret McKenzie Sportsmanship Award: Mollie T.

Year 3-5 Awards
Nanette Johnson Service Award: Connor C.
Jean Hantken Service Award: Eva C.
Parish Prize for Service: Elizabeth X.

We look forward to sharing with you professional photographs of the evening.

Thank you to Lynn Lee, Year 7 Teacher, students Lexi and Hayley, 6MR, and Kate Analok, School Operations and Events Manager, for sharing this story.