10 Jun

Our youngest school students have almost completed half a year of Reception!

In only just over four months, it’s astonishing to witness the leaps and bounds these students are making with their learning, self-confidence and social interactions.

Presenters in Practice
One way the children are developing their confidence is by practicing getting up in front of the class to present on a topic. Over the last month students have been exploring a Unit of Inquiry on weather and the seasons. The central idea is, ‘Living in a World with Changing Seasons’.

Weather Reporters
Last week’s Topic Talks tasked the students with presenting as a weather reporter. We were truly impressed by how students embraced this exercise.

One particular presentation had the class and teachers in stitches, bursting in creativity, comedy and enthusiasm. We thought it was too good not to share. Who knows, there may be a budding weather reporter in the works!

Article by Josh Pearce, Reception Teacher