26 Mar

Creating a community art project for Harmony Week in the Early Learning Centre.

This year the ELC celebrated Harmony Week by undertaking a community, progressive art project.

Kate Hodgkison, from the ELC Partridge Room, found an example of this art work and suggested the children attempt to replicate the process.


It began very slowly on a Monday morning and looked like we would never achieve the beautiful masterpiece we had on Friday afternoon.

Every child, parent, grandparent, teacher and educator’s fingerprint made a difference in filling up our canvas.

Upon reflection the children could see that although a fingerprint is very small, when everyone works together a small fingerprint can make a big difference.

Singing with the Same Voice

Heidi Kerr, Educator from the Moseley room, found a song for us to all learn called “We All Sing with the Same Voice.” The verses were hard to remember but the chorus was easy and very catchy.

On Friday afternoon all ELC children and staff came together in the Plaza amphitheatre and sang the song after a special impromptu solo from Ethan J (Moseley Room).

To finish Harmony Week children from all across the ELC played together in Nature Play ensuring everyone was included.

SPW ELC is committed to acknowledging Harmony Week each year as it celebrates inclusivity, diversity and belonging which are pivotal values to our ELC philosophy.

Everyone Belongs

Thank you to Sarah Noell, Head of Early Years, for sharing this story.