07 Jun

As part of our Unit of Inquiry ‘A Healthy Me’ the children have been learning about making healthy choices with everyday foods.

In order to facilitate the experience of new or unusual fruit and vegetables we embarked on an excursion to Caruso’s Fresh Foods on Jetty Road.Caruso_1

The children were given an opportunity to find a selection of fruit and vegetables from a sheet and tick when they were found. Then they had to look for at least one new fruit and/or vegetable and draw it on their sheet.Caruso_3Caruso_4

Together with their teachers they chose a selection of these new or different foods and took them back to the ELC.Caruso_10

The staff at Caruso’s kindly gave us bananas to share before returning to the ELC.Caruso_13

When we returned to the ELC the teachers and children prepared some fruit for sharing. Later in the week we shared roasted vegetables with classmates who did not attend the excursion.

The experience allowed the children to practise the PYP Learner Profile ‘Courageous’ as they all tried either new fruit and/or vegetables and, in most cases, really liking it.

Thank you to the 4 Year Old Educators for sharing this story.