10 Dec

This morning our outgoing Chair of School Council, Tammie Pribanic and Principal Helen Finlay recognised all staff contributions in a memorable ceremony in our Chapel.

Tammie gave thanks to all staff, recognising their efforts and commitment this year and revealed the winners of awards in the following three categories. Our worthy winners were all surprised and humbled as they accepted their prizes.

Teacher of the Year Award (ELC-Year 7 Classroom Teachers and Specialists)

The criteria included having a positive impact on students’ learning experiences, innovation and commitment to teaching.

Congratulations to Lynn Lee, Year 7 teacher.

SPW Teacher of the Year Award 2021

Lynn has dedicated many years to St Peter’s Woodlands. During this time she has demonstrated a consistent focus on ensuring the learning experiences for her students are exceptional. She engages wholeheartedly with data, demonstrating a thorough understanding of the progress of her children and the barriers to their learning.

Embracing professional learning opportunities, she has made a positive contribution to the staff culture through her ‘can do’ attitude and is a true ‘marigold’. She has also embraced the opportunity to work collaboratively and worked tirelessly on a new and innovative project this year. Lynn is a teacher who works to foster a positive relationship with parents and the wider school community and always goes the ‘extra mile’.

Education Support Officer Curriculum / Educator of the Year Award (ELC-Year 7 and OSHC)

The criteria included having a positive impact on students’ school experience – both wellbeing and academic – demonstrating flexibility and adaptability and going the ‘extra mile’. 

Congratulations to Ali Shaw, Education Support Officer (Curriculum).

SPW ESO of the year award 2021

Ali is a member of staff who is highly relational with both staff and students. She has a ‘can do’ attitude and contributes to a positive school culture. Nothing is ever too much and she looks for ‘how we can’ rather than ‘why we can’t’.

She works exceptionally well collaboratively, providing support to a number of staff. She also demonstrates an understanding of the learning needs of individual students and adjusts her teaching to meet the needs. Ali always goes the ‘extra mile’ with a big smile of her face.

Non-Teaching Staff Member of the Year Award

The criteria included outstanding dedication to ensuring the “Difference is Extraordinary” for community members and making important and significant contributions in their area.

Congratulations to Usman Bashir, ICT/Network Administrator.

SPW Administrator of the Year Award 2021

Usman is an unsung hero. As the ICT/Network Administrator, he quietly goes about his business, on which many of us rely upon every day. He has faced challenges with staffing in his department in the earlier part of the year and has had to work tirelessly to ensure the needs were still being met.

During challenging times he has continued to contribute positively to staff culture in the way that he interacts and communicate. Usman always goes the ‘extra mile’, in a quiet and unassuming way.

Well done to all award winners. We thank every one of our staff for their efforts this year and look forward to another great year in 2022.

Thank you to Principal Helen Finlay for sharing this article.