02 Nov

At the end of last term we presented two fantastic fully staged musicals with a live audience, as well as being  live streamed around the world.

‘The Wind in the Willows’ and ‘Into the Woods’
The Junior musical was ‘Wind in the Willows’ and featured two casts lead by the Year 2 and Year 3 students, totalling over 170 students.

Our wonderful Year 6 and 7 students presented ‘Into the Woods’, which was completely student led from the costumes to the acting and direction.

Who would have thought earlier in the year that we would be able to produce two outstanding shows during a global pandemic?! I am so proud of our students and what they achieved.

Live stream – a first for SPW
For the first time we live streamed the shows to ensure people didn’t miss out and could watch it from their homes or from overseas. We had virtual attendance from SA, WA, NSW & VIC as well as countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

It was so great to be able to widen the reach of our community beyond South Australia so everyone had the opportunity to see these great performances.

Building resilience and lifelong skills
Musicals build resilience and it was great to watch our students from the first rehearsal to the performances. A highlight for me is watching students we don’t always expect to shine on stage having a brilliant time.

The skills the students learnt and developed over the rehearsals and performances will be lifelong and will benefit them for years to come. These skills were particularly evident in our Year 7s leading ‘Into the Woods’ and taking on all aspects of the production. A truly amazing achievement.

So from frogs to witches and many hours of learning lines and songs, we did it in 2020 and gave everyone something to smile about.

Article by Mark DeLaine, Head of the Arts