25 Jun

こんにちは Japan!

Connecting with Japanese friends

SPW japanese exchange zoom sessionSPW japanese exchange sessionWhat an incredible opportunity for our Year 6 students. A live video meet via Zoom with students in Japan at Kori Nevers Gakuin. Sadly this year, with the Coronavirus pandemic, we are not able to welcome student visitors from St Peter’s Woodland’s friendship school in Japan. However, we have used technology to connect with fellow students in Osaka.

SPW japanese exchange zoom session

Together in this bilingual meeting we shared questions and answers about each other and our culture. Impressive confidence, risk taking, language skills, and cultural etiquette shown by our students.


Exploring Japanese Language and Culture

SPW comedic japanese presenter incursionConnecting with Japanese language beyond our own tatami classroom continued as the Year 2 to Year 5 students engaged in a high energy and exciting Japanese language Incursion presented by comedian Sean san.

“GamesboyJP” brought the learning and laughter in equal measure for our students. We joined in many fun games using Japanese expressions to explore Japanese culture. Sean san was impressed with our Japanese and our enthusiasm to the subject.

This has been an amazing finish to the students Semester 1 Japanese journey!

Thank you to Skye Baldacchino and Mari Foody, Japanese Language Teachers, for sharing this story.