10 May

Commemorating Anzac Day

Anzac Day 2021 was marked at St Peter’s Woodlands by many activities, including artwork, storytelling and reflection.

Special School Assembly

The school came together to pay respects to those who served, in a special assembly dedicated to Anzac Day. Thank you to Sarah Noell who shared the special story ‘Lest We Forget’ written by Kerry Brown. The children were very respectful while reflecting on a series of images during the playing of The Last Post. The choir also performed the song ‘In Flanders Fields’ to pay further tribute.

Anzac Day assembly

War Memorial Visit

School Captains presented and reflected on their experience earlier in the year at the Australian War Memorial.

“Visiting the War Memorial made Anzac Day more meaningful because of how many poppies and names were on the wall. The poppies on the wall represented the brave people that sacrificed their lives.” – Sebi T, Year 7

“Anzac Day is a chance to remember and thank the soldiers that fought for peace.” Tarrant S, Year 7

“I understand how many people really died in the past wars and how many people we are remembering when we have the one minute of silence.” Peter A, Year 6

Anzac Day artwork

Anzac Day commemorations

Creative Expressions

Moving drawings from the Year 6s and symbolic artwork from the Receptions were also ways to learn to reflect and understand the importance of Anzac Day.

Thank you to Lynette Robinson, Marketing and Communications Assistant, for sharing this story.