25 Jun

ELC Staff Professional Development session

Move to Learn program

On a cold and wet Wednesday evening our ELC staff gathered for an evening to further understand the theory behind the Move to Learn program which is an integral part of our ELC learning.

SPW ELC PD session1Occupational Therapist Presentation

Paediatric Occupational Therapist (OT), Kelly Kroegar, presented to a group of 30 educators including ELC staff from Immanuel Primary School and some SPW Reception and Year 1 staff. Kelly is an experienced OT with a passion for sensory processing disorders and child development.

SPW ELC PD session2Primitive Reflexes

The Move to Learn program is a simple, flexible movement program, based on the natural movements of babies and toddlers. We are all born with primitive reflexes which are automatic stereotypic movements directed from the brainstem requiring no thought processing. Primitive reflexes are needed for survival. As our brain develops these reflexes need to be ‘integrated’ in order for the brain to function effectively.SPW ELC PD session3The Move to Learn program comprises of 9 simple movement sequences that enable these reflexes to become integrated hence enabling successful brain development and functioning. Movements include Full Body Rolling, Crawling, Superman pose and crossing the mid line.SPW ELC PD move to learnELC staff embed the movements and warm up exercises into everyday activities as well as making a time each week to sing songs and explore different movements.

Please feel free to talk to any ELC staff if you would like to know more or read here for more information

Thank you to Sarah Noell, Head of Early Years, for sharing this story.