28 Jun

During Week 6 of this term Mark DeLaine was fortunate enough to spend time with world renowned music educator and researcher Dr Anita Collins.

You may have seen her on the brilliant ABC series ‘Please Don’t Stop the Music’ which is still available on ABC iView. Mark spent two days learning about the latest scientific studies in regards to music and the brain and how it can be applied to teaching. Here is a snapshot of what he learnt:

Guy Sebastian and Dr Anita Collins on the ABC series, ‘Please Don’t Stop the Music’.

The Workshop

The workshop strongly focussed on advocating for music being as important as literacy and numeracy. In fact, music can assist in developing literacy and numeracy skills.

We also learnt about language development and executive function and how these two areas are the corner stones of early educational success. Music education has been found to have greater impact on these two skills than any other activity.

The good news is, we are on the right track here at SPW with access to many co-curricular music activities like choir and band, instrumental lessons and weekly class music lessons. Benefits come directly from making music as a group, playing instruments, movement and singing.

Chloe practising the piano.

Further Information

The video link below is a great cartoon about what happens when you learn an instrument. Music fireworks:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0JKCYZ8hng

Hear Dr Collins speak on music, education and the brain: https://vimeo.com/101367905

Explore Dr Collins’ new website, ‘Bigger Better Brains’: https://biggerbetterbrains.com/ and her personal website http://www.anitacollinsmusic.com/aboutanitacollins

I’m happy for those interested in learning more to come and speak with me to talk through the research and information. It’s invigorated my teaching and belief that music is fundamental to education.

Thank you Mark DeLaine, Head of Arts, for sharing this story.