19 Nov

Our environmentally minded students, together with our wonderful volunteers in our Environmental Working Party, have been making sure we keep ‘being green’ top of mind by securing a community grant and forming environmental care groups.

Nature Guardians

The Nature Guardians were introduced this year. Children that were interested in caring for nature were asked to come along to a lunch time meeting to discuss how they could care for nature in our school. The group formulated the Nature Play Essential Agreement. They are committed to keeping the Nature Play space clean and safe.

SPW Nature Guardians launch

Clean Up Club

This term we introduced another aspect to this group, cleaning up rubbish around our school. On Friday 5 November a small group of children came along to test out our newly branded buckets and tongs. In the coming weeks we will have our own branded vests for the Nature Guardians. Any child interested on the day can become a Nature Guardian. Nature Guardians meet each Friday at lunch time in the Junior Primary Playground to water plants, clean the chicken pen, pick up rubbish and care for nature.

Securing a ‘Greening our Community’ grant 

SPW feeding chickens nature play

SPW chicken runOur new buckets, tongs and vests along with a planned extension to our chicken run and composting area plus a revamp of our recycling system are made possible as part of the ‘Greening our Community’ grant which St Peter’s Woodlands were successful in gaining. We would like to acknowledge the Holdfast Bay Council for their support and financial contribution which our school is matching. This is our way of looking after the environment.

We would also like to thank Meredith Williams and members of the Environmental Working Party for their time and effort in putting together this submission.

Together we can make a big difference to the environment and our planet!

Thank you to Paul Mesecke, School Community Coordinator, for sharing this story.