17 Dec

Term 4 is always a very busy but fun term for the PFA.

Derby Day Lunch 

Our annual event for the women of SPW was the black and white themed Derby Day lunch at Oceanique in early November. 80 ladies enjoyed a fabulous lunch with beautiful views of West Beach. There were sweeps and a raffle and all reports suggest it was winning event.

Christmas Raffle

Sharee Morley, with assistance from Belinda Ritchie, took the reins of the Christmas Raffle this year and did an amazing job. We thank them for all their hard work & congratulate all 32 lucky winners.

The Big Concert

We were really pleased to be invited by the Music Department to run a snack bar at The Big Concert at the Woodville Town Hall at the end of November. It offered us another way to provide a service to our community as well as being a small fundraiser.

The Christmas Lunch & Brunch

The Christmas Lunch is probably the most eagerly anticipated PFA event of the year and we thank Emmanuelle Sloan for co-ordinating this fantastic day for us again this year.  Lots of planning goes in well ahead of the day to ensure its smooth running and we were especially pleased to be able to seat all children from Reception to Year 7 in Baddams Hall this year.

The smaller but equally loved ELC Christmas brunch on 10 December was co-ordinated by Sharee Morley and again we thank her, the volunteers and ELC staff for their assistance on the day.

Farewell Gifts

Each year the PFA presents a monogrammed peak cap to all Year 7 students as they graduate from SPW and move on to secondary school. This year we were pleased to extend this to all Year 6 students leaving SPW to continue their education.

As the year draws to a close we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the PFA this year. We wish you a safe and happy Christmas and look forward to your continued involvement and support in 2020.

Thank you to Kate Hobart, PFA President, for sharing this story.