26 Mar

Sharing students’ hopes and thanks via a new Prayer Wall

Prayer for Christians is the simple act of communicating joy, thanks, hopes, needs and sorrow when we’ve made a poor decision and praise for God always being the same. Through prayer, God can also respond to us.

Throughout the term staff and students wrote their prayers on post-it notes and created a prayer wall located in the library foyer, next to the Chaplain’s office. During Chapel Services 3-5 prayers were chosen and everyone prayed together.


Dear God I love your earth that you made for us, we will keep it clean, Amen – Isabelle, Year 2



Dear God thank you for this amazing world we live in, please help those in need. Amen. – Sophia, Year 3


When you walk past the library, we invite you to stop a moment, read and pray with us for the concerns of our students at SPW.

The school Chaplains Reverend Michele and Reverend Andrew would love to pray for you too, please send your request to [email protected]

Thank you to Reverend Michele Yuen for sharing this story.