30 Jun

I was asked at the beginning of the year by a group of 5 year olds “What is it that you like most about your job, Mr Prance?”

It never ceases to amaze me that I can enter St Peter’s Woodlands on a daily basis and still be taken away by the sheer beauty of the buildings and grounds. I, like many of our visitors, am also struck by the sense of calm and community, and the sheer joy of being surrounded by happy children.

To be important in the lives of children from the age of 2 year olds right through to 13 year olds is an absolute privilege, and this passion is shared by over 100 staff, both teaching and non-teaching. How lucky are we?

I am excited about the constant change that is taking place, not the least being our exciting venture into the world of digital media, as evidenced by the latest edition of your SPW News;

  • I have marvelled at the enormous successes of our Year 6-7 Centre and their burgeoning enrolments.
  • I love visiting our Early Learning Centre and seeing a compelling group of staff working with up to 120 children a day in a long day setting.
  • I am excited about the future possibilities of our before, after and vacation care program, for which we are taking responsibility from the beginning of next term, and the opportunities that are going to be created for children, in terms of long day education for Primary aged children.
  • Our future schooling ideas which are now coming to fruition under Geoff Bilney’s leadership with projects like Thomas the Robot, and Passion and Interest Projects (PIPS) are simply mind-bogglingly exciting in terms of creating opportunities for 21st Century learning.

Whilst all of these programs continue, we are in partnership with parents who willingly volunteer their time and feedback through a variety of forums and events.

I am reminded of the enormity of our successes when I talk with old scholars, an example of which is the most accommodating group of Year 10 students who recently returned to visit SPW undertaking work experience. They had an immediate impact on the children here at SPW. To observe their presence and initiative was very heartening.

The Foundation which has just launched its Annual Giving Campaign for 2017, continues to break new ground and help create the sorts of opportunities that can be provided in such large numbers by our children.

How could one not notice the four special Music Concerts that were held for students this term, the enormous number of children who have participated in SAPSASA events, in the winter sporting programs, or at the Year 3-7 Sports Day, or the 150+ children who have been rehearsing for our next Primary School Musical. If that’s not enough, what about the Junior Glee that sang this morning in Chapel, the 100+ Show Choir or the Chapel Choir which sang at St Andrew’s Church last Thursday, with great aplomb.

In essence, when asked “What do you enjoy about your job?” it is quite simply the opportunity to be surrounded by people with such energy, and to be part of an extraordinary journey that helps shape the futures of our greatest resource.

Thank you, SPW parents and caregivers, for entrusting your children to us and thus helping my job such a joy.