07 Jun

National Reconciliation Week was celebrated from the 27 May to the 3 June. This year Reconciliation Australia invited all Australians to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories, to share that knowledge and help us grow as a nation.

In the ELC, children in the 3 Year Old and 4 Year Old Programs engaged in a variety of experiences throughout the week helping to support their growth in knowledge about Aboriginal culture.

Byron Room

The Byron Room children shared two Aboriginal Dreaming stories ‘How the Birds got their Colours’ and ‘The Echidna and the Shade Tree’. They reflected on these stories and their meanings and made some art pieces.Rec Week_3

The Byron Room children also tried dot painting using sticks, with leaves as our canvases, as through our learning we found out that a long time ago the Aboriginal people only used items they found on the land.Rec Week_4

Partridge Room

The Partridge Room children looked at the Aboriginal flag. The teachers asked the children if they knew what it was. Santiago said ‘It’s a flag’. Then the staff asked questions like ‘What does the yellow look like?’ ‘It looks like a sun,’ Phoenix said. ‘What do you think the red could be?’ ‘Australia’ said Toby.

The children were a bit stuck on the black, so the educators explained it represented the Aboriginal people. The children looked at each other’s skin and noticed different colours. The children then printed with their hands to make our own representation of the Aboriginal flag.Rec Week_6

Rec Week_5

Hastings Room

The Hastings Room read two stories, ’Dunbi the Owl’ retold by Daisy Utemorrah and ‘When the snake bites the sun’ told by David Mowaljarlai.Rec Week_7

After the stories each child used black sheets and pastels to illustrate their favourite part of the story. To connect with each other and people around the world who are the same and different to us we made handprints to illustrate our connection with the original people in South Australia.Rec Week_8

Mosely Room

The Moseley Room children have been experimenting with paint colour and different paint brush techniques to create an indigenous art piece.Rec Week_9

They have been listening to Dreaming stories and learning about Australian animals.Rec Week_10

Colley Room

The Colley Room children talked about the story of the Kaurna people and their relationship with the land that the SPW ELC is on.Rec Week_11

They also turned their reading corner tent into a cave and learned about cave paintings and explored being cave artists themselves.Rec Week_12

In Term 4, the ELC children will be working closely with Aunty Daphne, an Aboriginal Elder, in creating a collaborative art piece. In lead up to this, the children will be continue to think about Aboriginal culture and stories and practise Aboriginal art techniques.

Thank you to Paula Hanna, ELC teacher and Assistant to Head of the Early Learning Centre, for sharing this story with us.