23 Jun

Rehearsals for the school musical are back up and running.

This year the musical is a little different to previous years. Reception to Year 3 students are performing ‘The Wind in the Willows’ with 180 participants over two full casts whilst the Year 6-7s are performing the student led musical, ‘Into the Woods’.

Junior Musical – The Wind in the Willows
For the first time ever at SPW, we have two full casts for our Junior Musical. The students impressed us so much in the auditions that we decided to have a Year 2 lead cast and a Year 3 lead cast.

The students have been doing a great job bringing the characters to life and we look forward to adding the ensemble next term as we begin learning all the songs and dances.

Primary Musical – Into the Woods
Our older students proposed doing a musical this year and have organised the entire process. This leadership also extends into production, with students taking on every role from design, to directing, along with performing.

The Year 6 students were invited to audition or be part of the ensemble and it has been amazing watching all these talented students at work. The passion the students have for this project is very inspiring and it’s incredible to see the show coming together. We can’t wait to see the end result.

The two shows will be performed in Week 10 of Term 3 in Baddams Hall, which will be transformed into a theatre. More details will follow next term. We look forward to sharing the amazing work of our students with you.

Article by Mark DeLaine, Head of the Arts.