17 Sep

Our Year 6 and Year 7 students enjoyed a variety of experiences aimed at building a sense of self.

Our “Self Esteem Week” invited students to learn more about the power of their mind and body. It was aimed at providing the students the tools they need to connect with their self-worth through nature, mindset, physical movement and strength.

We talked about the importance of growth mindset and the strength and power of tears with Sam from Sekseed.

SPW self esteem week Sekseed

The students looked at comparison culture, body image and positive self-talk with Rachel from the Butterfly Foundation.

SPW self esteem week butterfly foundation

Carly and Margie from Females Fighting Forward taught us about the power of posture, observation versus distraction and key holds/moves during Self Defence sessions.

SPW self esteem self defenceSPW self esteem self defence

The weather was absolutely perfect to learn about the importance of connection to nature and play with Maria from Nature Play SA.

SPW nature play for self esteem

The students loved the sensory experience and mindfulness of mud, water, paint and the beautiful outdoors.

SPW nature play

Our wonderful Miss Maddi Honor led a yoga, meditation and acrobatic session, which was balm to the soul.

SPW yoga for self esteemSPW yoga for self esteemAt St Peter’s Woodlands, we value the importance of mental and physical health and our students have made huge gains in their understanding of what they need as individuals to recharge and reset. Well done and thank you to all involved.

Thank you to Fleur Kennedy, PE Teacher, for sharing this story.