17 Sep

A magical night made for the start of an exciting experience as the Year 2 students had their first sleepover at school.

For the first time this year the Year 2 camp was held in Baddams Hall. Thanks to Sleepee Teepee there was no sign of the Baddams Hall as we previously knew it!

SPW sleepover lights outIt was transformed into a magical space with tiny teepees, beautifully dressed canopys, soft pillows and warm inviting rugs, complete with a big central imaginative fire pit.

SPW Year 2 sleepover setupSPW Yr 2 sleepover mock firepit

The children were overwhelmed with joy and excitement as they entered this space. They independently settled themselves in to their sleeping space for the night saying goodbye to family.

SPW Yr2 sleepover girlzone

SPW Yr2 sleepover boysSPW Yr2 sleepover boyzone

We enjoyed craft activities, preparing fruit skewers and play in the OSHC (Out of School Hours Care) space before singing songs with Mr Mesecke and snuggling up to sleep.

SPW Yr2 sleepover fruit snack

SPW sleepover activities

The morning saw lots of proud children waking from their teepees and ready to meet their families for breakfast.

SPW breakfast year 2SPW sleepover breakfast

The Year 2 camp is often a first experience away from home for some children and is a carefully considered experience to begin the St Peter’s Woodlands camp program. We aim for children to feel a sense of accomplishment from this experience and make sure it has just the right amount of challenge to ensure success.

“Whatever makes us uncomfortable is our biggest opportunity for growth.”

Thank you to Sarah Noell, Head of Early Years, for sharing this story.