29 Oct

Chapel services so far this term have included a visit from the Archbishop and special ceremonies.

Archbishop Chapel Service

We invited The Most Rev’d Geoffrey Smith, Archbishop of the Diocese of Adelaide, who took our first Chapel Service for the term.

He asked us, as we approached All Saints Day and All Souls Day, to think of some of those amazing people we have known personally and also some of the amazing saints, like Peter, Francis, Margaret  and Mary who are with God in heaven.

He talked about Halloween (or All Hallows Eve), celebrated the day before All Saints Day. In some countries people dress up as all sorts of monsters and goblins and go trick or treating.

He also reminded us of our school values, sharing wonder about our amazing world, living with courage and respect, and offering service to those in need. We thank The Most Rev’d Geoffrey Smith for his time to take Chapel with us.

SPW Archbishop visit

Blessing of the Pets

Our pets are our special companions and have been especially loved and treasured in these recent times. We enjoyed welcoming the many pets of our families onto our grounds once again for our Annual ‘Blessing of the Pets’ Chapel Service.  We were grateful to be able to continue this unique tradition. Children who were unable to bring pets instead brought in photos of their pets or their favourite stuffed toy.

SPW Blessing of the Pets

SPW Blessing of the Pets

SPW Blessing of the Pets

Staff-led Chapel Service

Each year the staff get an opportunity to lead the Chapel service and they never disappoint on sharing an important message in the most entertaining way.

This year they encouraged the children to rely on God’s strength when they feel like things are difficult. Highlights included a team of cheerleaders dancing to ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, Mr DeLaine and Mr Mesecke taking the roles of God and the angel respectively, and many other staff sharing their talents with the children. It was clear from the children’s cheering that the defining moment of the service was a rendition of ‘Let It Be’ led by the entire teaching team.