17 Sep

From Helen Finlay, Principal


In a term full of exciting events I am very grateful for the involvement of our incredible school community.

Zoom Meetings

What an incredibly busy and jam packed term we have had. Whilst it did not get off to the best of starts with lock-down, I am extremely thankful for how well both staff and students bounced back into normal school routines in week two. I am thankful also to the school community for your continuing support with additional COVID19 measures such as checking in via QR codes, wearing your masks on site and Zooming for parent/teacher interviews.

Sometimes having to re-invent the way we do things is not such a bad thing as we had a number of parents request that we provide Zoom in the future for these interviews. This is because it was a very family friendly mode of delivery, often meaning that both parents were able to attend. Taking this feedback on board we will offer both face to face and Zoom meetings in future.

SPW zoom meeting with an Olympian

Year 2 students meeting Olympian, Chris McHugh, via Zoom

SPW Mini Olympics 

This term has been filled with special events, including our wonderful mini Olympics, which was a fun filled day of physical activities and also celebrating the Japanese culture.

SPW Olympics reflectionSPW Olympics celebrating Japanese culture

Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

Speaking of Japanese culture, last week our Year 5 Students were treated to a sushi lunch in celebration of “Hanami” the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival. It was held on Braested Oval in front of our very own cherry blossom trees and the students enjoyed some dancing and singing of traditional Japanese songs as well as the cuisine.

SPW Japanese cherry blossom festival

Sleepee Teepee Yr 2 Sleepover

On Friday September 3rd camp season was launched with our gorgeous Year 2 children experiencing their first sleepover at school, which is a small taste of camping in preparation for Year 3. Thank you to the teachers who started their work day early Friday morning and finished it more than 24 hours later. Thank you also to the parents who cooked a delicious breakfast for all to enjoy!

SPW Yr 2 sleepoverSPW Yr 2 sleepover girl zone

Camp Week

Last week our Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 cohorts all embarked upon their two night Wilderness camps. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Year 3 campsite last Thursday in the Adelaide Hills whilst watching the children embark upon orienteering, decorating boomerangs and making billycarts. They were excited to report that in the morning there were kangaroos right next to their tents!

SPW camp week

On the Wednesday I visited the Year 4 campers in McLaren Vale. It was fabulous to see the students challenging themselves on the rock climbing wall, dip netting and exploring the billabong (there was great excitement at the number of tadpoles collected) and searching the trees for koalas that live in the campsite. Again thank you to the teachers and staff members who left their own families to accompany the students to provide them with such a wonderful learning opportunity and experience.

SPW camp week tadpoling

SPW camp week

Matilda Jr. The Musical

This week the school is abuzz with all things musical! As you can imagine a huge team of people are behind the scenes making the production of Matilda Junior a possibility under the very creative leadership of Mr Mark De Laine. Thank you to all involved. I am very passionate about the arts and cannot wait to experience my first musical at SPW. If you haven’t already secured your tickets, I suggest you do. It will be a treat!

SPW Matilda Jr the Musical

It was around this time a year ago, my husband Pete and I packed up the car with two dogs and made the journey to South Australia. As I reflect upon my first year at the helm of SPW I am struck with what an incredibly special school this is. The feeling of community here is truly second to none. I am very grateful for how I have felt welcomed by the school community, I am humbled by the dedication and expertise of the staff that work here and feel truly privileged to come to work each day.

Helen Finlay, Principal