30 Oct

Our Approach to Explicit Direct Instruction and Inquiry Learning »

When considering best practice in terms of how children are taught in schools, it is important to start with the question, “What do students most need from their time in school?”
The sho

29 Jun

PFA Wrap Up – Term 2 »

The PFA had a fantastic Term 2 with a couple of its most loved events!
This term was about the Mums in our community….

Chapel Service »

We have had some wonderful Chapel Services in Term 2!
It has been wonderful to have increasing numbers of students attend chapel over Term 2.

10 Jun

An Artist in Residence at SPW »

Notice something new as you drive up to St Peter’s Woodlands on Partridge Street?
SPW’s Year 6 – DARE Graduate Diploma students have been working alongside ‘An Artist

10 Jun

Building Confidence in Reception »

Our youngest school students have almost completed half a year of Reception!
In only just over four months, it’s astonishing to witness the leaps and bounds these students are making with

10 Jun

Fluffy Friends in Year 2 »

The Year 2 students have been enjoying the company of some very fluffy friends.

10 Jun

IPSHA Poetry Competition »

Congratulations to Ollie T (Year 4) and Jett T (Year 6), finalists in the IPSHA Poetry Competition which was held at Walford Anglican School for Girls this Wednesday.

03 Jun

PFA Christmas in July Parent’s Night »

Join us for Christmas in July by the Sea at Brighton.

20 May

Old Scholar Class of 2017 Reunion »

They left as children five years ago and returned on Friday 13 May as outstanding young adults – the ‘Class of 2017’.

20 May

Year 5 Market Day »

Creating budding entrepreneurs with Year 5 Market Day.

20 May

STEM Investigation – Build a Bridge »

A STEM investigation about the construction of bridges using everyday materials, embedded in a real-life situation.