10 Jun

  • By Lynette Robinson
  • In PFA

PFA Christmas in July Parent’s Night »

Celebrate Christmas in July
Event Details
Date: Saturday, 24 July 2021 from 7.30pm until midnight.

04 Jun

Students tour Adelaide during City Week »

Year 7 students inspired and excited during City Week.

04 Jun

Working Towards a More Sustainable School »

The newly formed St Peter’s Woodlands Environmental Working Party has implemented a new waste management system.

04 Jun

Anglican Schools’ Service »

St Peter’s Woodlands’ students visit the beautiful St Peter’s Cathedral for the Combined Anglican Schools’ Service.

04 Jun

Sports Update: Fantastic Start to PE this year »

Connecting with community to create rich learning experiences for students.
We have had a fantastic start to PE this year.

04 Jun

Storytelling from Space and a Real-World Science Experiment »

National Simultaneous Storytime and the science of space.

26 May

PFA to host farewell event »

PFA to Host Farewell Event
From PFA Co-Presidents – Kate Hobart and Kimberley Hutchinson
In lieu of our usual PFA meeting, the SPW Parents and Friends Association will be hosting an in

14 May

Cabaret Magic »

Students Shine in Vocal Cabaret 2021
Our Annual Vocal Cabaret was held last term in Week 11. Baddams Hall was transformed into a cabaret with twinkling lights and café tables for the event.

14 May

Focus on Learning and Teaching Initiatives »

Exploring our Learning and Teaching Initiatives
Article by Kerry Ramsay, Head of Learning and Teaching
In the St Peter’s Woodlands Extraordinary Futures Strategic Plan 2020 and Beyond, we

14 May

Health and Cyber Safety Missions »

Students undertake Secret Missions to highlight the importance of healthy and safety.