29 Jun

PFA Wrap Up – Term 2 »

The PFA had a fantastic Term 2 with a couple of its most loved events!
This term was about the Mums in our community….

Coming Together for Chapel »

It has been wonderful to have increasing numbers of students attend Chapel over Term 2.

10 Jun

An Artist in Residence at SPW »

Notice something new as you drive up to St Peter’s Woodlands on Partridge Street?
SPW’s Year 6 – DARE Graduate Diploma students have been working alongside ‘An Artist

10 Jun

Building Confidence in Reception »

Our youngest school students have almost completed half a year of Reception!
In only just over four months, it’s astonishing to witness the leaps and bounds these students are making with

10 Jun

Fluffy Friends in Year 2 »

The Year 2 students have been enjoying the company of some very fluffy friends.

10 Jun

IPSHA Poetry Competition »

Congratulations to Ollie T (Year 4) and Jett T (Year 6), finalists in the IPSHA Poetry Competition which was held at Walford Anglican School for Girls this Wednesday.

03 Jun

PFA Christmas in July Parent’s Night »

Join us for Christmas in July by the Sea at Brighton.

20 May

Old Scholar Class of 2017 Reunion »

They left as children five years ago and returned on Friday 13 May as outstanding young adults – the ‘Class of 2017’.

20 May

Year 5 Market Day »

Creating budding entrepreneurs with Year 5 Market Day.

20 May

STEM Investigation – Build a Bridge »

A STEM investigation about the construction of bridges using everyday materials, embedded in a real-life situation.