22 Nov

On a beautiful sunny afternoon 90 baseball players and officials from the Adelaide Giants and the visiting Tokyo Yokohama Japan All Stars descended on SPW to give the Year 6 & 7 students a lesson in baseball.

Aus+Rally Campaign

The players from Japan are part of the JUNKO Baseball competition, JUNKO baseball is different from regular baseball in that it is targeted at university students who love baseball but want to focus on their studies and career.

Part of the All Stars Tour is to expose the university students to new experiences and to help them develop skills in other areas. The visit is officially recognised by the Aus+Rally Campaign – an Australian Government Sports Diplomacy initiative in Japan in 2019-2020.

The main purpose of this initiative is to bring Australia and Japan closer together, through the medium of sport.

Baseball Training with SPW Students

For the Adelaide Giants, the SPW students have helped them with their pre-season training!

The SPW students were kitted out with gloves bats and balls (which were kindly gifted to the school) and put through their paces with a range of drills.

The All Stars and Adelaide Giants then put on a demonstration which was an amazing display of skill with balls being thrown at lightning speeds, thankfully their catching skills were equally as awesome.

Building Relationships

The visit is another example of SPW students embracing opportunities and building relationships outside of the school boundaries.

We hope that this exposure to baseball will inspire students to give baseball a try and we certainly look forward to continuing this partnership with the Adelaide Giants in years to come.

Thank you to Jo Gray, Enrolments Manager, for sharing this story.