01 Nov

We are delighted to announce the appointment of St Peter’s Woodlands first School Psychologist, Stephanie Eustice.

Steph holds a Masters of Educational and Developmental Psychology and has over eight years experience working with children, adolescents and their families. Growing up in a family of teachers, and holding a Graduate Diploma in Education herself, Steph is acutely aware of the needs of Primary School children and their families.

We are extremely fortunate to have her experience on staff which spans both private practice and educational settings.

Steph is passionate about inclusivity and diversity in educational settings, and understands the importance of supporting children to identify their strengths as well as developing a toolbox of strategies to assist with building skills in all areas.

Throughout her career, Steph has worked extensively in supporting children with additional needs, in particular Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and Cerebral Palsy.

Steph is highly experienced in matching evidence-based interventions to the needs of the individual child and their family. This includes understanding the need for proactive and practical strategies that can be incorporated into existing routines at school.

Pastoral Care Team  

The School Psychologist is a key member of the Pastoral Care Team, which includes the Principal, Heads of School, Head of Learning Support and SPW Clergy Team.

Steph’s primary role is to support and up-skill teachers to assist students with learning and behavioural needs. Students will be referred to Steph through the Pastoral Care Team.

SPW is recognised in the wider community as a leader in learning support and intervention programs for students, with a number of staff from other Independent Schools visiting our facilities this year.

The School Psychologist position builds on the fantastic work undertaken by Tina Day, Head of Learning Support, and her team of teachers and classroom support staff in conjunction with the numerous visiting specialists including Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists.

SPW’s Wellbeing Program

It is our commitment at SPW to provide your child with an environment that builds resilience, emotional, social and spiritual development for lifelong Wellbeing.

Steph’s appointment coincides with a comprehensive suite of evidence-based Wellbeing Programs and initiatives that will commence for students, staff and families at the beginning of 2020.

We would like to formally welcome Steph and her family to the SPW community.

Thank you to Stephanie Eustice, School Psychologist, and Kate Hockley, Head of HR, for sharing this story.