Partners in your child’s education from Reception to Year 6

We believe in developing a partnership with parents to maximise your child’s educational development. We urge you to ask as many questions as you want of your class teacher and learn more about the school’s consistent teaching beliefs. Diaries provide two-way communication and the on-line newsletter brings parents up to date with events and achievements at the school.

Primary School
St Peter’s Woodlands is an International Baccalaureate Organisation World School that offers the IB Primary Years Program from ELC to Year 5.

Students engage in a concept driven, inquiry based curriculum across all areas. Students are encouraged to be internationally minded by being: Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-Minded, Caring, Risk-Takers, Balanced and Reflective.

There is a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills from R-6 and Information and Communication Technologies are integrated across all areas of learning.

A large, well-resourced library supports the curriculum.

Specialist teachers are employed in ICT, Library, German, Japanese, Special Education, Art, Music and Physical Education.

DARE Graduate Diploma
In 2022, we launched our brand new program, DARE – Year 6 Graduate Diploma. As we farewelled our final cohort of Year 7s, we’ve reimagined what the final year of primary school will look like for future Year 6 students.

We have designed DARE – Year 6 Graduate Diploma, to encourage active participation, perseverance and the desire to excel. It supports students to set goals and work hard to achieve them.

Our hope is through active participation in DARE – Year 6 Graduate Diploma, our children will be inspired to develop resilience, joyfulness, and respect, whilst building life-long skills, characteristics and behaviours to help them flourish.