The journey of education

At SPW we are privileged to be entrusted with one of your child’s most important life journeys – the journey of education.

We believe in helping every child discover the joy and enlightenment that a well rounded education provides, while also celebrating their uniqueness as human beings.

From our Early Learning Centre right through to Year 7, we support and encourage a love of discovery and a feeling of self worth, underpinned by spiritual values of tolerance, respect, compassion and faith.

Our goal is to work with parents as partners, providing a secure educational and moral foundation for your child, so that they will to grow up to enjoy a successful and meaningful life.

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A day in the life of


Early Learning Teacher

“Our job in Early Learning is to develop a love of learning which will provide a foundation for the child’s school future. The sessions the children attend are times for learning through play and music then gradually this gives way to more structured activities which build social, language and group skills. It is a miraculous time seeing them grow into school-ready young children – I adore it.”

Libby – Early Learning teacher since 1998


Reception Teacher

“Reception is a time of wonderment for children. Not only are they being introduced to the building blocks of life such as mathematical problem solving, reading and writing but they also have to fit into a new routine. As a teacher this is a very exciting and rewarding age when you can see quite rapid change and development.”

Kate – Reception teacher since 2002