19 Nov

Year 4 students have completed detailed models of playgrounds of their own design, as part of their inquiry-based learning.

You might have heard the term STEAM used a lot in recent years. But what does it actually look like in the classroom? STEAM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Maths. This recent project from our Visual Arts program explored the importance of developing creative community spaces through integrating these areas.

SPW playground design year 4

Investigating Playground Designs

Initially the classes discussed a variety of playgrounds around Adelaide that they had visited. They brainstormed how playgrounds benefit the community, in particular children’s development. The students then worked collaboratively to design and create a model playground that incorporated all elements of the brief. Each group then prepared a presentation of their completed project.

Planning Stage

The groups considered aspects of the playground that would nurture children’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. They also considered aesthetic elements of the playground, as well as being inclusive and fun for children of different ages and abilities.

SPW playground design plan year 4

Collaborative Construction

The groups then constructed a model of their playground using a variety of construction techniques and materials. This included imaginative and appropriate use of materials such as plasticine and recycled objects.

SPW playground design year 4

SPW playground design year 4

SPW playground design year 4

During this stage students needed to be flexible to adjust plans if necessary while ensuring each area of the project was still included.

SPW playground design year 4SPW playground design year 4

SPW playground design year 4

Communicating Ideas

Finally each group created a video which presented the finished project to a wider audience. They were able to articulate the intention of their design and how it would enhance the wellbeing and a sense of fun within the community.

SPW playground design year 4


Thank you to Jessica Hancock, Visual Art Teacher, for sharing this story.