29 Jun

The 150 year old heritage of SPW is a daily source of pride and respect for students and staff.

The SPW Museum was established in 1999 by Old Scholars’ at that time to preserve the items of archival interest and to share the story of St Peter’s Woodlands.

This valuable resource is accessed by our students throughout the year.

Students Learn About SPW History

Year 3 classes visit the Museum as part of their Unit of Inquiry ‘Where we are in Place and Time’. By arranging visits to the Museum they have been able to find out more about St Peter’s Day School and Woodlands Church of England Girls Grammar and how we became SPW.

Year 6 students have the opportunity to visit the SPW Museum each year prior to their Canberra Trip to learn more about Liet. Elaine Balfour Ogilvy AANS who was an old scholar who lost her life in Work War II after the fall of Singapore in 1942. The SPW Museum reveals her story and displays her war medals that are on loan from the Balfour Ogilvy family.

Visit the SPW Museum

Parents, family and friends are welcome to visit the Museum to view the displays that tell our story.

Where: Law Smith Building, access from Breasted Oval or the Front Office
When:  Term 3 – Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Times:  2.30pm – 3.30pm

Our History

Parish Day School of St Peter’s Glenelg opened in 1863, less than 30 years after the state was settled. It became St Peter’s Glenelg Anglican Grammar School, and for more than a century catered for the education of children in the Glenelg area.

In 1998 Woodlands Girls School (Est. 1923) closed, providing an opportunity for St Peter’s Glenelg to acquire the Partridge Street site and move its independent operation to this much larger campus.

That visionary decision created the new school of St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School in 1999, one of South Australia’s leading independent providers of early learning and primary education.

Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities exist for volunteers to assist in the Archives/Museum who may have archiving and cataloging experience and computer skills. If you are interested in learning more please contact Karen Schaumloffel, p. 7221 6202.