13 Aug

It is our great pleasure to welcome Rev’d Andrew Mintern and Rev’d Michele Yuen to SPW, who together are providing the St Peter’s Woodlands chaplaincy services for the next two terms.

For those of you who are not familiar with Rev’d Andrew and Rev’d Michele, we thought it would be a nice opportunity for everyone to get to know them. What better way to do this than with a fun questionnaire.

Rev’d Michele Yuen

Tell us about your favourite meal?
Char kway teow, a Malaysian fried noodle dish. But it has to be cooked by my Dad, because he knows how I like it, and he’s not only a retired chef, but he uses the family recipe too.

Tell us about one of the best places you have travelled to
There are too many to name! I loved roaming the medieval streets of Barcelona in Spain. I loved the imagination and creativity in public art, how it cares for everyone in the community and celebrates life. I’d love to visit Basilica De La Sagrada Família once it is completed in 2026.

What board games to you like to play and why?
UNO, Jenga and the combined UNO-Jenga. I like to play them with my friends and there’s some strategy and hilarity when you’re trying to be unpredictable. But my friends know me so well, they can guess what I’ll do next..

What do you hope you’ll be able to do while at SPW?
I’d like to get to know the students, staff and families of SPW. But I would like to help everyone know that God is just like you, and we are all different. God loves us more than we can understand.

Rev’d Andrew Mintern

Do you prefer dogs or cats?
Even though I grew up with a cat, now I would have to say dogs. We have two of them, they cost a fortune in vet fees, but we love them to bits.

What is your favourite hymn and why?
Lots of Taize Chants, like Ubi Caritas are really beautiful for me and many contemporary worship songs by Robin Mann, Dan Schutte and others are also really special. I’m not that into traditional hymns but ‘Be Still My Soul’ holds a special place for me. Another contemporary song called ‘Mary Laid her Baby Down’ by Gordon Light is also really moving.

Tell us about one of the best places you have travelled to
Prince Edward Island in Canada was pretty special, seeing all the Lucy Maud Montgomery sites. Other huge highlights would be visiting Iona off the coast of Scotland; ten days with the Taize Community in France and Walking the Milford Track in New Zealand. They would all rank up the top, next to having a fortnight at Victor Harbor every year, which is always wonderful too.

What do you hope you’ll be able to do while at SPW?
SPW is a very special school community and the faith element of the school is something that helps make it so. I hope that, along with Rev’d Michele, we can continue to support the faith and values of all in the SPW community in a way that is relevant, enlivening, contemporary and inclusive.

For more information about the Chaplaincy Program and how SPW students and parents can access it outside of the curriculum please email Andrew or Michele.