14 Feb

A very warm welcome to new students, parents, caregivers and staff in 2020.

Welcome new students

It was lovely to see so many smiling children in the ELC and Reception rooms on their first day. The end of last year saw a number of class transitions for new students that aided in a calm and smooth beginning to the school year. We would like to pass on a warm welcome to the 177 new children and their families who commenced their journey with SPW this year.

Welcome new parents and caregivers

Parents of new children were invited to our Welcome Evening where they had a chance to meet other parents and members of the staff and PFA. It was a lovely evening despite the downpour of rain that hit just as they were leaving. We look forward to seeing you around the school yard.

Welcome new staff

This year we have welcomed a number of new staff members who are already making an impact in the lives of our children.

Cristina Caratozzolo, ELC Educator

Left: Alice Carr, ELC Educator Right: Sarah Wright, ELC Educator

Left: Michaela Treloar, ELC Educator Right: Kimberley Doyle, ELC Educator

Left: Geoff Mills, Head of PE & Sport Right: Jethro Kleinig, Co-director OSHC

Left: Maddie Honour, Year 6 Teacher Right: Sarah Billington, Front Office

Jemma Pace, Art Teacher

Thank you to Meredith Williams, Community Development Manager, for sharing this story.