11 Feb

What a wonderful sight it was to see our youngest school age children entering SPW at the start of the year. With their crisp clean uniforms and shiny shoes, full of anticipation for this new adventure.

Transitions and new beginnings
For some children this was a long awaited transition, having seen their brothers and sisters before them journey off to school.

For other children it was a completely new environment and perhaps a first step away from the familiarity and comfort of home.

Our experienced Reception teachers were informed and prepared for all their students, having met all the children during our 2020 transition program.

Discovering new friends and environments
Many children enjoyed finding old friends and familiar faces during their first day.

Others enjoyed exploring the room and finding their special place or most loved resources to play with.

Once the children felt secure and familiar in their beautiful classrooms they began to explore the wider school facilities, including the Library, Music room, Digital Technology Centre, Art Rooms and ovals.

Adjusting to a significant change
Although the morning goodbye to family members may continue to be a challenge for some children (and parents) while they adjust to this significant change, it is only for a small period until the wonder of learning and school life takes over.

Meeting new families of the SPW Community
It was wonderful to meet so many new parents at our Welcome Evening and to hear stories of the joy children are coming home from school with.

One particular conversation has stayed with me where after 3 days of school a young boy had declared that he could read as he spotted all the “m’s” for “mountain” everywhere around him!

A few resources that might be helpful
I think it also timely to share an insight from Kate Gulliver who has taught Reception for many years, reassuring parents that children are giving their best to us every day at school which unfortunately means that after school they are likely to give you their worst.

Please don’t despair and continue to ensure you have some hearty food for children after school, a big hug and plenty of patience as they adjust to this new stage.

Resources: The following websites have top tips for parents on supporting children to transition in to school.



Thank you for trusting us with your children. We look forward to experiencing their growth together.

Article by Sarah Noell, Head of Early Years