13 Dec

Each year the Year 7s are given the opportunity to reflect on their time at SPW as they prepare to graduate from their Primary years of schooling. We would like to share with the community a couple of these reflections.

What SPW Means To Me – By Evie

There are always 2 sides to every story. In our case, there are 44 sides, The 44 children of Yr 7. Everyone’s story is different, some people’s stories started with me in toddler group, others started just this year. No matter where their stories have started, they have all had an impact on my life and have had the amazing experience of coming to SPW. To me, SPW has been a place where I felt loved and felt like I belong. Everything that SPW has taught and shown me has shaped me into who I am today. I have thousands of great memories from this school and it would be impossible for me to share them all with you today.

So, I created this book, the story of my time at SPW. A story that can’t be re-written and holds every precious memory from my entire childhood at SPW.

I flip open the cover to show pictures of fruity Friday, buddies, the wizzy dizzy and sight words from reception. Mrs Statham was the best teacher to welcome me to reception at SPW. She was kind, compassionate and even let my brother and I stay in her classroom after school and watch Pepper Pig on the starboard because our parents were running late to pick us up.

I look over on the next page. It is a note written to myself from year 1. It reads:

This morning Ms Cole let us play with Grover our class turtle. She let me touch his shell and hold her keys! We also learnt the ‘oo’ sound. At recess I learnt to do a handstand and played on the monkey bars. I got to get Grover’s food from the freezer today! And guess what? I found out that I get a big year 7 buddy. Her name is Sophie and she’s really nice.’

Year 1 was a time where I was starting to learn right from wrong. I learnt to be kind to others and learnt how to share. I was still figuring out where to put my capital letters, full stops and how to read to parent helpers.

Year 2 was a year full of stories, counting and growing plants. Mrs Allen was one of the greatest, kindest and calmest teachers I ever knew. The Year 2 sleepover was a blast and I remember Mrs Kelly covering the exit sign with a tea towel because it was too bright.

I flip across a couple of pages, another note is in front of me, this time from Year 3. It reads:

Miss Saunderson showed us how to tell the time today. She got a little frustrated because we couldn’t understand and ended up colouring on the clock to show the ‘past’ and ‘to’ side. Yesterday we had our first big sports day at SANTOS stadium. In 2 weeks we have our first big camp at Woodhouse. I’m really scared but excited too.’

Year 3 taught me many things, one of which was how to memorise our 20 spelling words each week and how to keep trying even if I wasn’t good at it. Year 3 also taught me how to save an egg from breaking after falling a few metres from the air. Miss Saunderson was the most bubbly and fun teacher I’ve ever known.

The page alongside it is titled Year 4.
I have dozens of amazing, fun memories from Year 4, such as getting my pen licence as well as the ones from doing maths every morning until recess. Mr Pipprell was an amazing teacher and played the best fitness games!

Meg from the front office enjoyed my company as I would be ‘sick’ most weeks and I would join her in the sick bay for a few hours.

The next pages are of Year 5 and 6 with memories of exhibition, peer support, Canberra and winning the class cook off in D&T. I was lucky enough to have Mr Whitehead as my Year 5 teacher. He taught me a lot of the things I know today and I made many memories in 5DW that will stick with me forever.

Wonderful Mrs Rocke was my Year 6 teacher. After my whole year with her, the one thing I remember most is when she taught me that, “manners are free, and free stuff is cool”.

I then flip to the next page. One that is empty and is ready to be filled, I stick down pictures, drawings, memories and funny stories from my Year 7 experience. Things like almost getting stuck in the elevator, Hindmarsh Island camp, City Experience and Jumble Sale. Things all the way from being House Captain to being a big buddy. Mr Fletcher has been an incredible teacher and has shown and taught me many life lessons I will never forget.

My time here at SPW is almost up and has truly been my second home. I have known many students, teachers and parents here for my whole life and I am devastated to say goodbye. But I hope that in the future I can look back on this book, and laugh about the times Chiara and I got some free lollies and I thought that fairies lived in the tree on Braested Oval. Great memories forever.

This was my side to the story of my time here, and it sure has been one to remember.

What SPW Means To Me – By Sienna

I open the door of my SPW gallery and already feel a tear in my eye, rethinking all my time at this school. I look at the first painting on the wall, the rainbow carpet with Mrs Meredith and lighting the birthday candles. That was definitely my highlight of Playgroup because everyone sung Happy Birthday and it was amazing. I keep on strolling down the loaded gallery and get to an image which brings another tear to my eye. Reception is still a faint memory in my mind but a highlight was making the musical instruments and Sophie’s breaking half way through our playing session.

In the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of The Adelaide Zoo and I hurry over to remember the amazing visit we had in Year 1. My favourite animals were definitely the Meerkats and I loved how cute they were, as they ran all over the place. Miss Cole was an amazing and caring teacher who always loved the wonderful massages we did in Friday Free Play. We also had our pet Turtle, Grover, how I loved feeding him, even though his food didn’t smell great.

I come across a rather dark image with some flickers of light, but I realise it is all the girls at the Year 2 sleepover after lights out, reading under our sleeping bags with our torches. Year 2 was a fun year as I had the amazing Mr Kennedy as my teacher. My fondest memory of Year 2 was making muffins in small groups and I catch a slight smell of the delicious ones I made, Zucchini and Cheese.

I start to groove as I move to the next part of the gallery and hear a recording of young children singing Happy Birthday. That was from Year 3, on Mr Irvine’s Birthday and we had a party with loads of food! I look over to see a hilarious picture from Year 3 Camp of everyone on Challenge Hill and see me in the corner, completely face planting into a rock!

I flash my eyes to a dish of fresh Lamingtons that we shared to celebrate Australia Day in Year 4. In Year 4 I had many performing opportunities including playing Jamie Italian in the Chapel Service and playing the Lead Chef in the class plays. The class plays were so fun and our group performed Sausage Jam. Mrs Pitt was a great teacher and she taught me lots of things and I also LOVED getting my pen license.

I start to walk but am weirdly interrupted by an adorable dog sniffing my shoe. This dog made my mind track back to Year 5 exhibition where my group did ‘Animals as a part of our School’. In this we tried to persuade the school to allow an animal to support students to learn. Year 5 camp was awesome with the flying fox and the canoeing!

I turn my head to see, models wearing bright and colourful costumes. This jogs my thoughts back to Year 6 Showdown. 6MR completely owned it on stage, but even though we didn’t win, Mrs Roocke definitely knew who the true winners were! I also still remember tearing up and waving to my parents at the airport about to leave to Canberra and then crying because I didn’t want to leave Canberra.

With only a few steps left in the gallery, I step into a room and see snapshots of my journey in Year 7 so far. It starts to the left of the room where I see my first day as a senior, then it flashes to City Week when I was so excited to see the Port Power Change rooms. I quickly flash my eyes around the room until I get to Jumble Sale. The smiling faces of Ebony, Ella and I, makes me smile and covers up the tears. My smile doesn’t last long as I break down in tears when I see memories from the best night of my life………..Year 7 Formal. Dancing with everyone is something I am never going to forget!

I reflect on what I have seen so far in the gallery, all the amazing opportunities I’ve had, the things I’ve learned and the friendships I have made. There are many things from SPW I will have forever and I thank this school for giving me the most amazing opportunities ever.

At the end of the gallery there is another room, but when I step in, it’s all black with only a stool and a projector screen. I sit down and stare at the screen, at first nothing and after a while still nothing. I nearly give up, but when I stand up off the stool, a quote pops up on the screen, ‘Your Future Awaits.’

Thank you to Evie and Sienna, Year 7 Students, for sharing their stories.