10 Dec

Each year the Year 7s are given the opportunity to reflect on their time at SPW as they prepare to graduate from their Primary years of schooling. We would like to share with the community a couple of these reflections.

What SPW Means to Me – By Lily

How do you fit ten years’ worth of memories in one speech? That is a big question. I have been at my best and my worst at this school and no matter what, you guys are there for me. I can’t even fathom what my life would have been like if I had gone to a different school.

I found my first best friend at this school when I was three (Scarlett B) and we did so much together in the Pines. In my second year at the Pines (ELC) I can remember painting my mum and those paintings were incredible, if I do say so myself.

Reception brought me a new vision of what the world was like. That year I met another friend, Sarah Mcadam and I asked her to join me at recess with Scarlett. The day before Mrs Page left the school we performed a dance to the song thriller by Michael Jackson. Mrs Roocke read Dr Seuss books and after Sports Day she let us watch movies all day and have free play.

Year 1 taught me how to keep trying and trying. Mrs Fereday brought my learning and knowledge further and helped me keep on pushing to succeed. I can remember taking Jojo her toy orangutang home and taking pictures and jumping on my trampoline with him.

Year 2 taught me to put a sock in it. Every week 1-2 people in our class would get star of the week. They were an example of how to behave in class and how to be kind. Whenever we started to talk while Mr Dow was talking he would tell us to “put a sock in it” and give us a deadly glare, but most of the time he gave us a friendly smile.

Year 3 taught me how to deal with friendship troubles. Miss Gerges read the Specky McGee books to us to wind down after lunch and at the end of the day. Our first camp we ever had was a torrential down pour. And even though the weather was cold and wet we pushed through and enjoyed the time we got in the sun.

Year 4 taught me how to make new friends while still keeping the ones I already had. Mr Pipprell showed us a new show called Bill Nye the science guy, and every lunch during eating time we would watch the show. That year my best friends and I were separated into different classes for the first time since we met each other in Reception.

Year 5 gave me a new passion and interest. Mr Whitehead and our whole class were very passionate about space since we had our space Unit of Inquiry. At the end of Year 5 my best friend Scarlett left and as you can imagine I was devastated but I had Sarah and the school to help me push through.

Year 6 taught me how to push through the pain of losing a friend and how to find new ones. Half way through the year I became very good friends with a new group of people and asked to join them during lunch and surprisingly they agreed.

Year 7 has given me so many new opportunities and new strength. I have done things this year that I would never have done even a year ago. I have gone on the tree climb in the city and conquered my fear of heights. I’ve managed to stand up on a surf board for 3 seconds and then plummet onto the sand. This year has been absolutely incredible and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I don’t know what I would do without my class and teacher Mrs Lee.

This school has shown me so much and it has given so much. Don’t do what I did and take school for granted at any point here, because you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. So thank you, thank you a million times over everybody because I have had the opportunities of a lifetime at this school.

What SPW Means to Me – By Flynn

I am finishing my time at SPW in 2020. Part of me is saying “FINALLY!”, while another part of me is trying to hold on to my primary years.

I remember coming home from meeting my Reception teacher, Mrs Statham, and telling my family, “My new teacher is great, but she speaks a different language.” (she has an English accent). Later in the year, we performed the Nativity to the school and I was a sheepdog although I wanted to be a cow. But sometimes you don’t get what you want.

In Year 1 I had Mrs Hanna, and I can remember a lot of fun things we did. I can remember going to the Zoo and being really excited because my mum was coming with me. I also remember making a diorama of a Tasmanian Devil’s habitat and Mrs Hanna told me it was one of the best.

In Year 2 I had Mrs Allen. She was kind and quiet although I remember she had a diary and she wrote your name in it when you were naughty. One day we were learning about glowing mushrooms and she wrote my name in it because I told someone that it looked like one of the mushrooms had eaten a glow stick and they laughed, so I got told off. So, yeah, that was fun.

Year 3 was a tough year for me and my family but the highlight was having Mr Dow as a teacher. I remember Mr Dow always wearing a tie on Tie Tuesday. I can also remember bringing him a cool tie back from our trip to Uluru. I also remember dice footy, show and tell, practising cursive for the first time and our first camp, which was quite disappointing because of the terrible weather.

Year 4 was great. I had Mrs Lee and she was really nice and organised. I can remember doing a fun Mathematics experiment where we spun a fidget spinner on our finger and timed how long it spun. I also remember collecting Ooshies and trading them during golden time on Fridays.

In Year 5, I was so scared to go to school on the first day of the year because my teacher was Mrs Jarrett, who is a family friend and I didn’t want to go on a trip during the school holidays WITH MY TEACHER! But really, she was a great teacher. I remember that Year 5 was the year we got iPads and I remember doing Exhibition that year.

In Year 6 I had Mr Gann, he was a great teacher too. The Canberra trip was definitely a highlight, and I recall doing iMaths tasks like Educational Entrepreneur where we had to make an educational board game. I also remember being Marty in the School Musical, Madagascar Jr.

That leaves Year 7. Boy, this year has been crazy. I have Mrs Lee again and she has really helped with my organisation skills. The year started with our Aquatic Camp where we went surfing and kayaking. Then came COVID. We tried home schooling for a little while, that’s really not for me! I also remember City Week, helping out with the two School Musicals – Into the woods and The Wind in the Willows, Formal and Jumble Sale, oh, and being a Captain for the best House Team, FLINDERS!

My time at SPW has been amazing and I won’t ever forget all the great opportunities that I was given; all the teachers have helped me develop and  learn my passions, weaknesses and strengths. Thanks SPW!

Article by Year 7 Students, Lily and Flynn.