28 Oct

A day of pyjamas, bananas and activities.

Dressed in pyjamas and roaring to go
From the moment the students entered the school gates in their pyjamas, there was a buzz of excitement. At 9.20am, the Year 2 students gathered as a whole cohort and Bananas and Pyjamas unexpectedly greeted them on the last day of Term 3.

Making, creating and getting stuck in
From there, the children completed rotations of numerous activities, with the support of Maria Taylor, Nature Play SA Manager. The Year 7s accompanied them to join in the fun too.

Re-creating the camping experience
A reading session in cubbies was certainly a valuable experience. Students set up their own cubbies complete with torches to create a camp-like experience of reading in a tent.

A day jam packed full of activities
Students also created totem poles using large sticks and wool. There was a construction activity where students used blue blocks to create different buildings in groups. Finally, children created art pieces on individual canvases with natural paints they made.

What a memorable experience to compensate for the Year 2 Sleepover which had to be re-imagined due to the restrictions of COVID.

Article by Justine Shields, Year 2 Teacher