30 Jun

Year 3-7 Sports Day Highlights

For many students Year 3–7 Sports Day is a highlight of the school calendar. This year was no exception. The sun shone brightly and our children shone brighter! They wore their house colours with pride and encouraged one another to give it their best effort. Their positive attitudes are to be commended.

We asked a few students to share their thoughts about the day.

Imagine you had to explain your Sports Day experience to a stranger. Describe your day and how you felt about it.

“We have events happening everywhere all through the day. When your event is called you walk over to the location of your event and wait for one of the teachers to put you in your heat and then you sit down in a line. When it’s your turn to race you go up to the start line. The teacher starting the race will say on your marks, set and pull the trigger of the gun, which signals you to run as fast as you can. At the end of the race the officials will tell you what you came and if you got a ribbon you go and collect it from the stand. The feeling of getting a ribbon is amazing, it’s absolutely exhilarating.” Gemma, Year 6.


“Sports day was really fun and everyone was trying their best. I felt really happy.” Max

Describe your favourite Sports Day memory from this year.

“My favourite memory was doing hammer throw because I nearly came first, and it was my first time.” Max.

“My favourite memory would be running in the Year 7 race, because I filled in at the last minute. We came 4th!” Gracie.

We encourage students to approach new challenges with positivity and give it their best effort. We know many students are overcoming nerves and challenges throughout the day. For our Year 3 students it’s their first time at the stadium. It can be very overwhelming for some. We are proud of all the students for facing challenges head on.

SPW_Sportsday_5Did you face any challenges or nerves? What are you most proud of accomplishing at Sports Day this year?

“I was nervous for hurdles because it was my first event and the hurdles felt really high but once I finished them I felt a sense of accomplishment.” Belle.

“I didn’t face any challenges or nerves because everyone was encouraging me to do my best.” Max.

When we asked what advice would could offer younger students who have never competed at Year 3 – 7 Sports Day before, the answer was beautifully articulated by Max when he said,

“Remember to try your best, it doesn’t matter if you come last, it only matters if you try.”

And when we asked the students for any final remarks Gracie expressed her gratitude:

SPW_Sportsday_14“Thank you to all the teachers who made this day possible. Thank you to all the students who participated.”


Not to be forgotten, congratulations Light! You are the Year 3-7 Sports Day Champions of 2017.

Thank you to Mr Dow, Mrs Doan and Mrs Faye, together with the many volunteers and staff, who support to make this a fantastic day for all.